Connect CMS

Improving the usability and visual appeal of an established CMS

While I worked at a company called Connect IB (now Smartspace), I completely redesigned the front-end functionality of their bespoke CMS. It had been in use (and in continuous development) since 2002 and is at the heart of CIB’s business so I faced a big challenge in redesigning it.


I rethought the way sections were grouped and functionality was ordered to simplify key processes. In doing so I kept in mind the everyday users who may not be technically minded and for whom content managing websites is just one of many different tasks they have to perform.


I introduced concise instructional copy, inline tips and user-friendly feedback messaging. Having captured all that with high-end wireframes, I then went on to design a fresh new user interface for the system. You can view the prototype here >

Project Type

Product (Web App) Design, Content Management System

Key Skills

Site Mapping, Information Architecture, User Journey planning, Interactive Wireframing/Prototyping, Content Management System Integration, Copywriting