Keeping a worldwide audience on board

I have been the sole designer for this massively popular game from my complete redesign in 2015 my implementation of its brand update in 2019.


In phase 1 of this job I simultaneously worked out how to interpret the Premier League’s visual rebrand, move the framework from a static to a responsive website and improve the UX at the same time! I worked closely with the Lead Developer from the very start, using an atomic design approach.


We developed an online Style Guide that illustrated and documented all the key UI elements before moving on to an iterative, card-based first design stage. Once we were happy with how this was working I was able to start fleshing out designs for whole pages in tandem with the wireframes I’d created.

Phase 2

With Phase 1 of the rebrand and redesign firmly bedded in I was then tasked with implementing the Premier League’s 2019 brand refresh and to once again interpret it for the Fantasy game. I worked in a similar way with the Lead Developer for Phase 2 but this time we used the Storybook pattern library approach to scrutinise and test each key UI component in the browser. This gave us a firm foundation from which build out the refreshed page designs.

Key skills for this project

UI Design

Brand Rollout

Atomic Design

UX Upgrade

UJ Upgrade

Pattern Library